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Chasing Ice!

Adventures in Iceland from Above, Below and In Between!

all seasons in one day 18 °F

From my first visit to Iceland, it was clear that I would no longer be satisfied living a sedentary life. There is something about the land of Fire & Ice that just captivates me! Could it be the cosmic wonder of the northern lights, the fact that it sits on a "hot spot"...or is it something in between, like the dramatic landscapes, charming towns or the people? Whatever it is, Iceland is very alluring. So you can imagine my contentment when I came across photos of fantastically blue ice caves on the internet, and discovered they can be found in Vatnajökull National Park, the largest glacier in Iceland. After some research, I was fortunate to find a company, Goecco Expeditions http://www.goecco.com/ that provided two day "Chasing Ice" winter tours from Reykjavik, so I immediately booked what was certain to be an extraordinary experience.

First stop, Reykjavik!!!!!!!!!!

reykjavik_city.jpg reykjavik.jpeg

My first two days were spent in the picturesque town of Reykjavik. Talk about walking in a winter wonderland!

90_bluehouse.jpg EF3EF9740FBA49A90E74189989E1F2F4.jpgXmas_shop.jpg 90_57F75DF7B33AE73D8FC9A3F3B7A71D0E.jpg
Morning_Street_View.jpg sun_voyager.jpeg
90_hotdogstand.jpg 90_EF3A0795E308F07D5F0D1DE45A68095C.jpg

Next, it's off for an unforgettable two day tour of the South Coast's black sand beach, waterfalls, "Batman" lava tubes, ice caves and glacier walk!

EF3FC373D3D6124745BDFB52B6EE50EC.jpg rocks.jpeg Journeytocenterofearth.jpg
Literally the coolest thing i ever did!!
ascent.jpg 90_icwalk.jpg
Ice caves are a truly mesmerizing wonder of nature!
ice_caves.jpg Insideice.jpeg

Followed by an evening of northern lights dancing in the sky...
lights2.jpg lights.jpg

The next adventure took me to the Reykjanes Peninsula, sea cliffs and the bridge between two continents.

Sea_Cliffs.jpg seacliff.jpeg
boatlighthouse.jpeg bridge_continents.jpg

My week in Iceland concluded where my love affair with her began, at Thingvellir National Park. Thingvellir will always hold a special place in my heart. It was there I discovered my passion for traveling the world, photography, Iceland and a joie de vivre! You only have one life to live, so let adventure guide you. Life begins and the end of your comfort zone!

7F5A6782EF2CBC1D5B4FFA75FECAE3D5.jpg GOTrock.jpeg

One day, I will look back at all of this and smile, because it was life, and I decided to LIVE IT!


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