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A Trip Back to My Spirit Country!

How Iceland Became My Home Away From Home...

all seasons in one day 60 °F

When people hear how many times I have been to Iceland they ask why so many times? Do you go other places as well? Most people have their favorite restaurant, I have a favorite country! In certain aspects, Iceland reminds me of myself. She is beautiful, wild, temperamental, a force to be reckoned with. She commands respect and she gets it! For a small country, Iceland is big on personality!


Iceland is one of those places who's natural beauty is breathtaking. Growing up in New York, you quickly appreciate the vastness of the landscapes.

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One of the highlights from my trip, was visiting Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon. You often hear stories about global warming, but once you get to witness the glaciers melting at an alarming rate for yourself, it stays with you and makes you want to be more responsible. It's disheartening that future generations may not have a chance to see this magnificent sight.

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I enjoyed spending the endless days of the midnight sun in nature.

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I'm already planning my next visit to the land of fire and ice! I cannot wait to see what else Iceland has in store.
Takk fyrir síðast Island!

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